How to Clean your Sinuses and Decrease Nasal Allergy Symptoms with a Neti Pot
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Your nose is an important pathway to good health! Keep it clean in a natural way and decrease pesky infections and nasal allergy symptoms.
Recipe type: Neti Pot Solution
Cuisine: Natural Remedy
  • 1 Neti Pot (usually made of plastic or porcelain).
  • ¼ tsp of salt or a pre-packaged Neti Pot saline solution.
  • 1 cup of distilled, or sterile water.
  • A small pot to warm the water.
  1. Warm 1 cup of water (to the point where it’s nice to the touch).
  2. Add ¼ of salt (it could be any type of salt: sea, Himalayan, regular) or the contents of 1 pre-packaged envelope of Neti Pot saline solution.
  3. Put the water mixture in the Neti Pot.
  4. Stand in front of a sink and tilt you head a little forward (like you do when you spit the toothpaste after washing you teeth).
  5. Keeping your head forward, turn it to your right, as if you would want to look at your shoulder while still having your head tilted forward.
  6. Place the tip of the Neti Pot on your right nostril (the one that’s towards the ceiling).
  7. Tip the Neti Pot to fill your nostril with the saline water. You will feel as your sinuses are being filled with the liquid. You will still be able to talk. If you feel some saline water going down your throat that means you should tilt your heal a little bit more forward.
  8. Pour about have of the content of the Neti pot into one nostril.
  9. Repeat the same procedure to your other side using the last half of the solution on your left nostril.
  10. Once you are done you can blow your nose gently without blocking your nostrils.
Do not use plain water. You need to add either salt or a Neti Pot saline solution. Plain water will sting and it will not feel comfortable.
Do not use tap water. Water needs to be sterile. If you want to use tap water you should boil it first for five minute and let it sit until it cools down and it’s comfortable to the touch.
Always clean your Neti pot after you use it with liquid soap and water and make sure you are using a clean Neti Pot every time.
You can do this at any time during the day (some people even do it twice a day) but it’s better to do it at least 1 hour before going to sleep to avoid any occasional uncomfortable dripping.
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